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According to von Hippel et al. Leaders who are emotionally intelligent are better in identifying emotional needs of a situation Humprey et al. Women have emotional x-ray vision. And they deliver results. On the other hand, women have a lack of authority and therefore women are perceived as less competent leaders Hippel et al. As a result women seem less qualified for leadership positions Hippel et al. Secondly, women face discrimination because organisations and men assume they put family first under all circumstances.

According to Ely, Stone, and Ammerman , , who surveyed more than 25, HBS graduates to collect data about women in leadership, conclude women and men think women develop more slowly due to the assumption that women find family more important than their career. Men still expect women to adjust their career to the traditional roles.

Furthermore, more than half of the men finds their career more important than their wives career and think their career deserves more priority Ely, Stone, Ammerman , This leads to unequal chance for international functions. On the contrary, women do leave the company due to child care and they start working part-time. Pip Jamieson, a business consultant and leadership coach, interviewed more than twenty senior female and male leaders about the differences of men and women in business.

Many women do start working part-time and then never climb up the ladder. This might be true, but that has a reasonable explanation. Also according to Sheryl Sandberg and Pip Jamieson, a work-life balance is hard for women. Many women are comparing themselves with fulltime mothers or fulltime workers Sandberg, Women are self-critics and are eager to fulfil every role perfectly Jamieson, , The services organisations offer seem not to be sufficient enough to let mothers work. Thirdly, women face discrimination because they are often shut out in networking events or meetings.

Men seem to shut out women. Women may have the feeling they are excluded, but women do not participate in networking meetings. According to Gregory-Mina , 66 who provided a literature review about gender issues, debates that women are less likely to take part of networking events due to family-work balance. Also women have less success in networking, because they want to use networking for social support and men want to use it for career growth Gregory-Mina , However, organisations still do not offer enough mentoring opportunities for women.

When organisations offer mentoring opportunities and they provide a male mentor, access to networks for women becomes easier Gregory-Mina , The more knowledge we gain the more opportunities will open up to allow individuals to achieve better possibilities in career and personal growth. Education has played an important role in the career world of the twenty-first century. A person with a higher education will be easily qualified compared to a person without an extended education as one will be prepared to do various tasks that careers demand as well as meet job standards.

Furthermore, education is important because it helps us develop a unique perspective of looking at life.

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Education has played a major role for all individuals in the society. It has allowed the community to succeed both socially and economically by enabling it to develop common culture and values. Education is the reason our world is the way it is today, doctors have been close to finding cures for cancer because of a higher education; our technology has been enriched compared to the 19th century all because of education. If the importance of education is not recognized, then someday education will become less relevant. Education serves to unite and strengthen our country. Without education people would not be able to distinguish right from wrong.

If this should happen, then our society will find itself at a large disadvantage compared to other countries. Organizational culture also can become one of the major challenges that have an important impact for women to enter top management. What organizations can do, is to widen their search when looking for the right people to lead.

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According to the Grant Thornton International Business Report , 15 percent of the report respondents globally were planning to hire a woman to their senior management. Hence, there is room for improvement when it comes to organizations decision to hire female leaders. Organizations can use equality planning in order to enhance their organization's diversity and also female leadership. As discussed earlier in the thesis, having women in management, hence a more diverse organizations, leads to better company performance and advances women's career possibilities.

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There are various ways which organizations can use to improve their diversity. One of the first steps is to set concrete goals aiming to decrease gender division and enhance diversity and equality.

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Organizations should also dedicate themselves to follow the plan. Organizations should also encourage both women and men to get ahead in their careers and give that possibility Tanhua , For example, Stora Enso made an internal study in and a plan to promote women's careers in the organization. They aimed to improve their gender diversity and actively followed the plan. Organizations can use recruiting and developing their recruitment process as effective ways to have more women in their management.

Recruiting and headhunters can often be the bottleneck for women, especially in male-dominated industries and organizations Tanhua , Especially in those fields, the process of recruiting should be extended outside the organization and have an equal amount of male and female applicants. Competences and experiences should be evaluated, rather than gender or only recommendations.

Women might not have sponsors and networks of the same extent as men in male-dominated industries, where those would be needed even more. Mentoring has been proved to be an efficient way to enhance one's career development. Mentoring means that a more experienced person takes a less experienced person under his or her wings, so to speak.

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The mentors give support and coach, provide challenges and try to enhance their mentee's career. The mentor can be from a different organization and a woman or a man. Mentoring is not a new concept, but most companies do not do it officially. Mentoring often happens between people who want to help each other and it is a good way of giving information that can only be learned by experience and inside of an organizational community. Piha , Many female leaders consider mentoring to be a positive and helpful tool in encouraging women to pursuit managerial positions.

In fact, in female leaders' opinions, it is the number one way to advance women's careers to leadership positions Heiskanen , In , The Finnish Chambers of Commerce launched a mentoring program for female leaders. The program included seminars, company visits and networking events. Many mentors in the program contemplated that mentoring is both beneficial for the mentor and the mentee.

Kauppakamari Companies which have provided mentoring officially, have got good results from it. Providing mentoring has improved the companies working environment by creating a feeling to the employees that the company wants to improve their skills and that the appreciate them. A company which provides mentoring shows that they offer career possibilities and that they want to train their employees for more demanding positions.

Mentoring is considered as one of the most important tool to advance women's careers and thus organizations should put effort on offering it equally to women and men, and officially as well. Individual factors in women's careers are affected by the societal level as well as the organizational level.

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