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No adult can take Dostoevsky seriously.

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Finnegans Wake is an embarrassing failure Just say anything like that and see how far you get with Phil Rahv. He writes: Everybody has a lot of fakery in his make-up. When it is personal it is all right. A man can be forgiven for being a [ He cannot be forgiven for being a parson or a social worker or a professor.

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No truck with the Social Lie. Not because it makes you a partner in mass murder, which it does, but because it reduces all action to frivolity.

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Rexroth writes: The arts presume to speak directly from person to person, each polarity, the person at the end of the communication, fully realized. The speech of poetry is from me to you, transfigured by the overcoming of all thingness—reification --in the relationship. Here are a few examples: Seven hundred capitalists is a lot of capitalists to see at once.

World Outside the Window: The Selected Essays of Kenneth Rexroth

But it is not as breathtaking as you might think. Bird Sancho Panzo. When a prophet refuses to go crazy, he becomes quite a problem, crucifixion being as complicated as it is in humanitarian America. Bird For forty years [Francis Parkman] devoted himself to justifying the triumph of anal over oral sexuality—or, in the words of another great Puritan, the ways of God to man.

Assays [And, in a different tone:] Death is the absolute, unbreakable mystery.

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  7. Communion and oblivion, sex and death, the mystery can be revealed — but it can be revealed only as totally inexplicable. Works Cited Hamalian, Linda.

    The Origins and History of Consciousness

    A Life of Kenneth Rexroth. New York: Norton, Rexroth, Kenneth.

    Bird in the bush: obvious essays - Kenneth Rexroth - Google книги

    Mill Valley: Goad Press. In Defense of the Earth Natural Numbers: New and Selected Poems Classics Revisited ; Flower Wreath Hill: Later Poems. Collected Shorter Poems An Autobiographical Novel New York: Doubleday. Heart's Garden, The Garden's Heart Cambridge: Pym-Randall Press.

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    Collected Longer Poems American Poetry in the Twentieth Century Santa Barbara: Unicorn Press. New Poems The Silver Swan Port Townsend: Copper Canyon Press. On Flower Wreath Hill That sense of time's ephemerality is one Rexroth shares with the Chinese poets he admired, and it becomes increasingly pronounced in his work. What makes him quintessentially American, however, is his engagement, the political and social outrage that emerges in his poems.

    This might seem contradictory, but the closer we look, the more we see that here, politics and contemplation are inextricably related. In the end, of course, such a statement carries its own authority, suggesting a contemplative vision that is philosophical and practical all at once.

    Kenneth Rexroth

    Yes, Rexroth means to tell us, in choosing to live we assert our autonomy, but what's just as true is that living is the only choice we have. This conundrum, as Rexroth's poems vividly remind us, is both the blessing and the curse of humanity, to exist between free will and history. Books Between Extremities. Log In. Port Townsend, Wash.

    It is the night before Good Friday, and as dawn breaks and his wife stirs, Rexroth catches a glimpse of reconciliation, in which past and future, love and redemption, somehow merge: My wife has been swimming in the breakers, She comes up the beach to meet me, nude, Sparkling with water, singing high and clear Against the surf. The sun crosses The hills and fills her hair, as it lights The moon and glorifies the sea And deep in the empty mountain melts The snow of Winter and the glaciers Of ten thousand thousand years.

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