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There's No Truth, Only Perspectives

Actually, we do see them at those moments, we're just often much too young to fully realize the glory we're witnessing. It isn't until we have become parents ourselves and can look back through the lens of experience and perspective to see how amazing our parents were. In these moments, we need to find some way to express directly to our parents just how important they were in helping us become who we are. And so…. I've pondered on what to give you for your birthday. I've never been a good gift-giver so this has been a challenge for me.

After giving it some thought, I decided probably the best thing I could do would be to give you my thanks and appreciation for helping me find my way in this world. That's something I don't think I've done well enough over the years. Thank you for always being there in my life and always looking out for me.

My Mom only Had one Eye

You always made me feel special and encouraged me all along the way. I know these are things that parents are supposed to do for their children, but I don't think anyone else could have done it any better. Some folks would say we didn't have very much back in those days. I say they're wrong. Thanks to you and Dad, we always had more than plenty. Plenty of safety, security, food, shelter and love.

All those things that growing kids need. Most importantly, I always felt like I had plenty of space to grow and space to rest. It's hard sometimes to grow up on a farm and realize that your mind is always somewhere else. You seemed to appreciate that and overlooked my meandering and wandering, while always welcoming me back whenever I returned from whatever far off worlds I'd discovered or invented. I've never thanked you for doing so many chores and so much hard work that truly I should have gotten up to do on every school morning from about the fourth grade on.

I should have been the one bundling up to go milk or feed the hogs or whatever else needed doing on those cold winter mornings. Looking back, I know now that it never occurred to me that the stuff I did in the evenings also had to be done in the mornings and you were the one doing it. For that, I'm sorrier than I can tell you. I appreciate how you always worked so hard to show your love for us in the most selfless ways. Now that I have several years of experience in the kitchen, I understand what went into those huge breakfasts you'd make from time to time. Breakfast was always good, but to wake up to a platter of fried chicken along with gravy and biscuits—that was heaven.

A List of the Three Important Things in My Life | Kibin

And a ton of work for you, cooking AND cleaning. I appreciate that now I find that trait has rubbed off on me. I like to cook for those I love. It means a lot to give someone something of yourself. What better way than through feeding them, body and soul. Feed me, you did. You always made sure I did my schoolwork. You also had no problem helping me get my hands on most anything I wanted to read. Another marvelous inheritance I have from you is that I can't get through a day without reading something, without visiting one of those far off worlds you never tried to keep me from.

Thank you for a gift that I could never replace and a gift that I would never be the same without. Thank you for the laundry, the housekeeping, the care when I was sick, the special treats on special occasions or no occasion at all. Thank you for giving me advice when I needed it and space when I needed that as well. I don't think I asked for a lot of 'things' when I was growing up.

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I like to think I was pretty 'low maintenance. Again, it never occurred to me that in that moment you were probably giving up something you really wanted or needed for yourself just so I could have something I wanted. I see that now. Really, what it all boils down to is that you were and are, the most magnificent mom I could have asked for. Beautiful, smart, devoted, funny, caring and everything else any son could want, all wrapped up in a flannel housecoat and a smile.

You are seldom far from my thoughts and never out of my heart. I wanted to write these words on paper so that you could always have them close at hand, especially when I'm far away and don't call as often as I should. I want you to always know that I love you and cherish you more than life itself.

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  • Long and Short Essay on Mother’s Love in English for Children and Students;
  • Whenever I cook a meal, read a book, or just feel the sunshine on my face, I am feeling you and the love you always showed me. As a former beauty editor, I pride myself in housing the best skincare products in my bathroom. Walk in and you're sure to be greeted with purifying masks, micellar water, retinol ceramide capsules and Vitamin C serums.

    What can I say? Old habits die hard. But when I had my son, I was hesitant to use products on him. I wanted to keep his baby-soft skin for as long as possible, without tainting it with harsh chemicals. Eventually, I acquiesced and began using leading brands on his sensitive skin. I immediately regretted it. His skin became dry and itchy and regardless of what I used on him, it never seemed to get better. I found myself asking, "Why don't beauty brands care about baby skin as much as they care about adult skin?

    When I had my daughter in May, I knew I had to take a different approach for her skin. Instead of using popular brands that are loaded with petroleum and parabens, I opted for cleaner products. These days I'm all about skincare that contains super-fruits like pomegranate sterols, which are brimming with antioxidants and sulfate-free cleansers that contain glycolipids that won't over-dry her skin.

    And, so far, Pipette gets it right. At first glance, the collection of shampoo, wipes, balm, oil and lotion looks like your typical baby line—I swear cute colors and a clean look gets me everytime—but there's one major difference: All products are environmentally friendly and cruelty-free, with ingredients derived from plants or nontoxic synthetic sources.

    Also, at the core of Pipette's formula is squalane, which is basically a powerhouse moisturizing ingredient that babies make in utero that helps protect their skin for the first few hours after birth. And, thanks to research, we know that squalane isn't an irritant , and is best for those with sensitive skin. Finally, a brand really considered my baby's dry skin.

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    Off the bat, I was most interested in the baby balm because let's be honest, can you ever have too much protection down there? After applying, I noticed it quickly absorbed into her delicate skin. No rash. No irritation.

    Long and Short Essay on Mother’s Love in English

    No annoyed baby. Mama was happy. It's also worth noting there wasn't any white residue left on her bottom that usually requires several wipes to remove.

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    I love that Pipette doesn't smell like an artificial baby—you, know that powdery, musky note that never actually smells like a newborn. It's fragrance free, which means I can continue to smell my daughter's natural scent that's seriously out of this world. I also enjoy that the products are lightweight, making her skin and my fingers feel super smooth and soft even hours after application. Caring for a baby's sensitive skin isn't easy. There's so much to think about, but Pipette makes it easier for mamas who don't want to compromise on safety or sustainability.

    Our latest Narratively story isn't available online - we printed the entire thing on a tote bag!

    I'm obsessed, and I plan to start using the entire collection on my toddler as well. What can I say, old habits indeed die hard. This article was sponsored by Pipette. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Motherly and mamas.

    Mothers Love Quotes

    I was as prepared as I could be for my body to run the marathon that is childbirth , yet it turned out to be more like a sprint. During pregnancy, I chose to create a positive experience. I sought all the research I could.

    essay on mother the treasure of my life Essay on mother the treasure of my life
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