Employee training and development case studies

Training and Development Initiatives

Common training practices include orientations, class room lectures, case studies, role playing, simulations and computer-based e-learning training. Before the Industrial Revolution, most skill training was done through apprenticeship. But with the growing number of factories in the s, companies needed to train large numbers of workers at once, making the apprentice model impracticable.

In the late s, training programs within companies emerged to teach the mostly unskilled workers how to perform what were then new industry jobs. The first documented training and development program was in when New York-based Hoe and Company provided regular classes to train their printing press machinists.

What is training and development?

The push for company-sponsored training intensified in the United States and Europe during World War I and especially World War II when goods were quickly needed for the war efforts and combatant recruiting created a skilled labor shortage. War Manpower Commission. TWI trained millions of new workers and supervisors needed for the large transformation to a wartime economy.

Bill, about 2. This massive jobs training initiative helped to establish a corporate culture of training and development that has continued to the present, with increasingly diverse training methods. In the s, several instructional innovations were introduced, including the Instructional Systems Design ISD model, on-the-job training, and the use of videos and simulations. When personal computers became prevalent in the s, companies quickly adopted computer-based training, including electronic performance support EPS systems that provide on-the-job access to integrated information.

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The s brought widespread access to the internet and elaborate e-learning systems. AI systems can process unstructured information similar to humans. These systems understand language patterns and sensory inputs, including text, pictures and auditory cues. Thanks to the emergence of cognitive solutions, all these programs are being reinvented for digital access — enabling employees to learn like never before. Based on an IBM C-suite study with 4, leaders in 70 countries and 20 industries, benefits to employee in training and development include:.

A variety of companies are using advanced training and development software, so employees stay current with their skill sets. One example is IBM. IBM wanted a training catalog that remained relevant to its global workforce of more than , employees. With 30, learner transactions a day, Your Learning searches relevant structured and unstructured data from more than 30 internal and external sources.

This training and development software brings together current online content, classroom training and key resources — allowing employees to build knowledge anytime and anywhere. IBM also offers a variety of training and development software solutions for other organizations, including:. Talent Development Services from IBM provides personalized recommendations for employee learning based on role, preferences, personality insights and career plans.

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These solutions create personalized learning environments with the ability to know, understand, engage and anticipate learners throughout their learning lifecycles. Many organizations use it to develop, manage, maintain and deliver modular and personalized training for their employees. It empowers employees by centralizing and automating content development and management across its lifecycle. Read the case study. Read the story. Read the blog. Learn about how the human resources industry is in the midst of a huge shift in how it thinks about employee training and learning.

Read more. Discover how to ensure that employees stay perennially up to speed, so an organization remains competitive. Learn more about AI. It is because when the employers distinguish that the employees are conscientious in learning, the employers will give chances to employees in the technical areas, such as technical responsibility, project leadership, management and etc. In this case, the salary of the employees will be increase.

Furthermore, technical training will causes employees lead to personal growth. It is because employees will learn something that is new in the short range through technical training. Besides, technical training may help new employees, who are searching for jobs, in the positions of career- oriented, and refresh the skills and knowledge of older employees so that they can keep up in their working environment and build up a better relationships between employers and employees.

However, this practice also exist its merit and demerit. Education grants help them to pay their tuition fees, sponsor and assistance from their company so that they can further their education without being anxious about the monetary matters. Besides that, there is also none competitive, everyone who have the attentive and ability or found to be a worthy candidate may deserve the grants from either an industry, government or others sponsor. There are disadvantages in training and development too. The disadvantages of in-house training include extra administration burden that PETRONAS need to make sure there have suitable training room, equipment, trainer parking to get the delegates to the training centre.

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There are no networking opportunities also during this training, employees are not allow to have networking and learning from another company. However, there are some disadvantages in technical training too. Cost is one of the disadvantages. Cost will increase the expenses of the company. It is because when the company sends the employees for training, the company has to pay for employees to invite the trainer. A good trainer may be expensive and causes over budget. Besides, the disadvantage of technical training is time requirements.

The company has to spend a plenty of time for training employees but the company do not have much time. If the company offers the time that does not enough for training, it may causes employees do not know everything that they have to learn. The trainer will also have to rush due to the time is not enough and causes the trainer goes through some topic that is important and ignore some topic that employees have to learn too. Nevertheless, education grant has disadvantages as well. Grants have a narrow down by restricting the number of employees to apply with the scale of job fitting. In addition, revolution of technology nowadays up growth.

Legislator and other charge of education or training need more funds to re-establish the changes. PETRONAS as an organization, directing their corporate activities and strategic, setting their practices of training and development for the future. Comparing with the similar industry as thought SHELL Global or ESSO, they have applied some professional training such as public relations and media programme for their employees according to their working experience.

This will allow networking interaction more and learning from one another. Besides, training and development bring a lot of advantages to Petronas Company. Petronas had used training and development appropriately. In this case, Petronas will be more progress through training and development. Thus, training and development may causes the company become more effectiveness although it will bring some disadvantages to the company. To determining a long term profitability and well management of a company, the quality of employees are the major issues in a company throughout some training and education.

It should also invite some profession institutor from other country to conduct company employees. In addition, Petronas must update the program in technical training. For example, Petronas may combine some course which is energizer to employees. Petronas may able to introduce some new computer software, technological systems, programs and etc to increase the current skill of employees.

In this case, employees may get more new knowledge and skills so that it can use in their current jobs. Petronas can ensure that the employees are working in a safety environment by training well their employees. Petronas may also start to retraining new employees on new systems. It is because Petronas may avoid change conflict from employees. For example, Shell Global ensure that their engineers are trained well and able to work in safety environment by giving them training in drilling, operating, maintain, and designing.

By exporting the products, it is making a lot of profits and as such the country benefits a lot from it. Production of petroleum and gas are not the only thing that it care for but also collaborate with other markets such as education and provide sponsorship loans to those students which need them. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please:. Essays Management.

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HR Basics: Training and Development

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    employee training and development case studies Employee training and development case studies
    employee training and development case studies Employee training and development case studies
    employee training and development case studies Employee training and development case studies
    employee training and development case studies Employee training and development case studies
    employee training and development case studies Employee training and development case studies
    employee training and development case studies Employee training and development case studies
    employee training and development case studies Employee training and development case studies

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