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Adapted from CRLT Occasional Paper #24: M.E. Piontek (2008)

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At the moment it is inconsistent between modules. I am hoping that someone will come up with a consistent policy that all modules can follow, but that has not happened yet. It is especially frustrating to me because I had previously made a concious decision to use the simpler Navigation block.

Grading Essay Questions in D2L Quiz

I've had some experience in other courses, and I think the "dual navigation" offered by 1. Now I find in order to aid an instructor who needs to grade essay questions manually that I have to make the Navigation block fancier for everyone in the course in order for him to access a single option? It's very frustrating. The alternative would be to teach that one instructor how to get to the grading report, without having the link in the navigation. I realise that is not ideal either.

I cannot figure out how to grade two essays I included in one of my lessons. I've read all the information I can find online, but nothing helps. Basically I go to lesson , click grade essays, and see "No essay questions found in this lesson. If I click the report tab and then click on a student's info, I can see the lesson in its entirety, including the two essays and the student's responses. There is, however, no way for me to grade the responses in this view.

Does anyone have any information that might help me? I've tried following directions for manually grading the essays, but I don't have that option. I am using moodle 2. This is the Quiz module forum. You have already posted twice! Please be more careful and avoid posting all over the place, it won't help other moodlers help you. I know students can upload , or bring in image from the Internet. However, it would be far more useful if you could allow students to just copy and paste the image into the essay question space. I am using this base64 encoding during my questions creations, but it seems like such input is not allowed for students.

When students paste an image into the essay answer space, it appears there using FireFox but then it is not saved. This is not something controlled by the essay question. It might be possible to make that handle copy and paste, or drag-and-drop of images, but no-one has done that yet. It must be some permission issue because students can copy-paste image and see it. It just won't save.

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I was wondering if I can tweak the permission, even if it involves editing PHP code, to allow students to save. Yes it's allowed for you and disallowed for students and really you should not try to change that. When you copy an image somewhere and paste it in a Moodle editor when testing I was logged as admin and used Firefox and Moodle 2. This works for admins and maybe teachers, not tested but is completely forbidden for students.

So if they try to do this, latter when their response is cleaned all texts entered by students are cleaned and if they try to enter something potentially dangerous for instance some JavaScript script, it is suppressed for obvious reason this part of their response is suppressed and the image disappear.

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I must admit I am not a security expert, but I know it could be exploited by some hackers to do nasty things , so this is why it is removed, and you should not try to permit your student to include such content. Thank you for taking time to explain in such a detail. I was aware of the size problem but was not aware of the security problems.

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Please start a new discussion topic. Hi there, I made a quiz with many essay questions. If this is a dummy question, I'm sorry Kind regards, Gerrit. Average of ratings: -. Try report.

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  • That works! Thank you. There should be a link somwhere, probably in the navigation, saying "Manual grading". It includes the following links: My home Site pages which does nothing My profile nothing there about grading My courses If I open up the tree under My courses, I can browse down to the course I'm concerned with and open that up.

    I then have two more options: Participants Reports Reports seems to be where the links that you both have provided above should point, but I can not find one that has anything to do with grading, and there's nothing that says "Manual grading. This seems mighty akward to me, and I'm dreading walking one of my instructors through it. Where has this "manual grading" link been moved to in Moodle 2. When you construct an assessment, you should ask yourself whether each item measures something that you really think is important for students to know. Even if a test is difficult, students will consider it fair if it covers the learning objectives and content you have stressed.

    If students have mastered the learning objectives, they should be able to perform well on your tests. Likewise, if students are having difficulty with the learning objectives, these deficiencies should be reflected in their test scores. If items are ambiguously or poorly worded, if directions are not clear, if examples use material that is not familiar to all students, then some students who have attained your learning objectives may still answer items incorrectly. If you are aware of and make an effort to follow the three principles, you will develop tests that have the desired technical properties referred to as reliability and validity.

    Baker, Former Director of the Office of Measurement and Evaluation of Teaching As you can see, scoring of objective tests is quite simple. To use the analytic method, you develop a list of the major elements you believe students should include in the ideal answer. The holistic approach to scoring essay items involves your reading an entire response and assigning it to a category identified by a score or grade. Regardless of whether you decide to use an analytic or holistic method of scoring, there are several guidelines to consider with respect to the scoring of essay tests: Develop scoring criteria or model answers. Decide whether you are going to score factors other than content, such as spelling, language usage, and organization. Make sure that your students are aware if you are, and give a separate score for these factors. Score essay responses anonymously to avoid any bias resulting from your familiarity with students and their previous work.

    One idea is to have students write their names on the back of the answer sheet or booklet. If you have a large number of papers to score, stop when you get tired so that your frame of mind will not cause your scoring to be inconsistent. When you start again, read over the last few papers you scored to be sure that your scoring was objective. Provide students with feedback so that the test provides an opportunity for students to learn their strengths and weaknesses. You can provide short written comments or verbal feedback to students in a brief conference.

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