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This year we join forces with Trends in Functional Programming TFP who will be running two dedicated tracks, showcasing the latest academic research on functional programming. Why should you attend Lambda Days ? The greatest asset of any conference is the community behind it. Lambda Days crowd is inquisitive, open-minded, friendly and known to motivate each other to learn and innovate.

They ask the right questions, recommend the best talks, point to concepts to explore, inspire and challenge preconceptions at every turn.

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Want to make the most of the content our speakers prepare? Experience it live with a crowd of people as excited about it as you are! Eccentric math enthusiast with years of distributed systems programming experience. Our community is highly skilled, very inquisitive, motivated and open minded.

Why Functional Programming Matters

Think big and impress them with your talk! Is your presentation slightly outside that scope? Amaze and inspire us with your submission! If you are interested in publishing a paper on your research in functional programming, please submit to Trends in Functional Programming TFP , colocated with Lambda Days this year. Submission is through EasyChair: for details, go to tfp Still a student? ACM provides further information about author rights.

ACM Author-Izer is a unique service that enables ACM authors to generate and post links on either their home pages or institutional repositories for visitors to download the definitive versions of their articles from the ACM Digital Library at no charge. Downloads through Author-Izer links are captured in official ACM statistics, improving the accuracy of usage and impact measurements.

Consistently linking to the definitive version of an ACM article should reduce user confusion over article versioning. After an article has been published and assigned to the appropriate ACM Author Profile pages, authors should consult the instructions on creating links for free downloads from the ACM DL.

At least one author of each accepted submissions will be expected to attend and present that paper at the conference.

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The schedule for presentations will be determined and shared with authors after the full program has been selected. Presentations will be videotaped and released online if the presenter consents.

GOTO 2018 • Functional Programming in 40 Minutes • Russ Olsen

This date may be up to two weeks prior to the first day of the conference. The official publication date affects the deadline for any patent filings related to published work.

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Authors of papers that are accepted conditionally in the first phase of the review process will be encouraged but not required to submit supporting materials for Artifact Evaluation. These items will then be reviewed by an Artifact Evaluation Committee, separate from the paper Review Committee, whose task is to assess how the artifacts support the work described in the associated paper. Papers that go through the Artifact Evaluation process successfully will receive a seal of approval printed on the papers themselves.

An additional seal will mark papers whose artifacts are made available, as outlined in the ACM guidelines for artifact badging.

Learning outcomes

Participation in Artifact Evaluation is voluntary and will not influence the final decision regarding paper acceptance. In addition to research papers, PACMPL issue ICFP solicits two kinds of papers that do not require original research contributions: Functional Pearls, which are full papers; and Experience Reports, which are limited to half the length of a full paper. Authors submitting such papers should consider the following guidelines. A Functional Pearl is an elegant essay about something related to functional programming. Examples include, but are not limited to:.

While pearls often demonstrate an idea through the development of a short program, there is no requirement or expectation that they do so. Thus, they encompass the notions of theoretical and educational pearls. Functional Pearls are valued as highly and judged as rigorously as ordinary papers but using somewhat different criteria. In particular, a pearl is not required to report original research, but it should be concise, instructive, and entertaining.

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A pearl is likely to be rejected if its readers get bored, if the material gets too complicated, if too much specialized knowledge is needed, or if the writing is inelegant. The key to writing a good pearl is polishing. These steps will alert reviewers to use the appropriate evaluation criteria. The purpose of an Experience Report is to help create a body of published, refereed, citable evidence that functional programming really works — or to describe what obstacles prevent it from working.

Under Submission

The acceptance rate for Experience Reports will be computed and reported separately from the rate for ordinary papers. Each accepted Experience Report will be presented at the conference, but depending on the number of Experience Reports and regular papers accepted, authors of Experience Reports may be asked to give shorter talks. Because the purpose of Experience Reports is to enable our community to accumulate a body of evidence about the efficacy of functional programming, an acceptable Experience Report need not add to the body of knowledge of the functional-programming community by presenting novel results or conclusions.

It is sufficient if the Report states a clear thesis and provides supporting evidence. The thesis must be relevant to ICFP, but it need not be novel. The review committee will accept or reject Experience Reports based on whether they judge the evidence to be convincing. Anecdotal evidence will be acceptable provided it is well-argued and the author explains what efforts were made to gather as much evidence as possible. Typically, more convincing evidence is obtained from papers that show how functional programming was used than from papers that only say that functional programming was used.

The most convincing evidence often includes comparisons of situations before and after the introduction or discontinuation of functional programming. An Experience Report should be short and to the point: it should make a claim about how well functional programming worked on a particular project and why, and it should produce evidence to substantiate this claim.

Andreas Rossberg, Claudio V. Russo, Derek Dreyer. Logical Step-Indexed Logical Relations. It is superseded by the LMCS version cited above. State-Dependent Representation Independence. Derek Dreyer, Andreas Rossberg.

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Daniel K. Lee, Derek Dreyer, Andreas Rossberg. Derek Dreyer. Technical Report TR, July Principal Type Schemes for Modular Programs. Derek Dreyer, Matthias Blume. Technical Report TR, January Supersedes TR, October

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functional programming research papers Functional programming research papers
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Functional programming research papers

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