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Bass said that according to their research the contribution of the World Cup to economic development, improvement in tourism and reduction in unemployment and poverty has been overstated. According to him investments have been directed away from productive uses such as the upgrading of the Cape Town harbour to construction of unnecessary stadiums.

Essay on FIFA World Cup 2010

Tomlinson even thinks that the event can create greater inequality. Orli Bass discusses the views expressed in Development and Dreams regarding the legacy. The fact that FIFA did not approve of Cape Town building a stadium in Athlone, which would have stimulated development in this low-income area, but pushed the city into rebuilding the Green Point stadium, is to them an indication of how inequality was increased.

She points out that the sports tourism that is generated after a World Cup, often replaces especially business-related tourism. Peter Alegi, author of African Soccerscapes talks about the impact of soccer on nationhood. Alegi said that while researching his book African Soccerscapes he realised that historically soccer had played a big role in establishing national pride in Africa.

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The game was brought to the continent by colonialists, but Africans soon made it their own. National unity might be one of the intangible benefits of the World Cup. When Algeria, for instance, wanted to gain their independence from France, their soccer team traveled the world with their new Algerian flag, encouraging Algerian pride. As African countries gained independence, soccer teams, playing in new national colours, helped to increase a sense of nationhood, although it might have been fragile.

Please post your comment below. RSS feed for comments on this post. TrackBack URL. It was like they weren't even breathing," he recalls. That was when I realised they weren't going to do it and that we'd won. Qatar's World Cup bid faced prejudice, says bid chief as whistleblower retracts bribe slur The chief executive of Qatar's World Cup bid believes 'prejudice' is behind the allegations of corruption against the bid.

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Mohamed Bin Hammam, the country's representative on the FIFA executive committee and a key figure in bringing the showpiece tournament to his nation, has been provisionally suspended by the world governing body and will face an ethics committee hearing next week after being accused…. The magnificent spectacle of these individual drops has awed tourists, locals and indigenous inhabitants for centuries.

They originate from the Iguazu River and are located on the border of Brazil and Argentina. This river forms the boundary between Brazil and Argentina, making it a significant part of the political and geographical structure of the continent of South America. Economic forecasts suggest that Brazil will derive only modest economic gain from the World Cup. In return for those hefty expenditures, Brazil is likely to see a modest 0.

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Introduction ………………………………………………………………………………2 2. Facts of Brazil ……………………………………………………………………………4 2. Faith Model …………………………………………………………………………. Login Join. Open Document.

Destination Four months ago, when I was told, I had to pick a destination and write about it, I was lost in space. I kept pondering what possible destination could I write about on a six page paper? Lucky enough, my political science class came to the rescue when the professor was lecturing about Latin America. When I was told to pick a destination, I automatically chose one which I am very familiar with; my hometown of New York City. When I heard leelabari was considering researching Brazil I figured why not choose a destination which I am not familiar with.

The FIFA world cup is an international football tournament. While taking the HRT course I learned that when countries host events such as this one, the rate of business and tourism skyrocket. I became very interested in how Brazil is doing economically, and business wise. Tourism is becoming a major industry in Brazil and has an enormous potential Brazil has it all to become a leading destination to be the number one tourism destination in the whole world. Throughout prof.

Lee lecture, I came to learn that Brazil developing nation status is fading away each year as they astonish the rest of the world with strong economic development and growing international importance. This yearly growth has acted as a major magnet to international tourist, proving to be the reason why in , tourist activity performance was a positive arrival of tourist at the destination.

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In Brazil, tourism is a key to the economy development of several regions of the country and this statement is evident because air transportation and travel accommodations were the main beneficiaries with constant investment in new routes and rooms to continue on the success. Description Before I continue furthermore, I want to show a brief glimpse of Brazil description. By area, Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, slightly just a little smaller compared to the United States of America.

It land boundaries is almost connected with all of the countries in the South America with exception to Chile and Ecuador.

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It has also a long coastline, Large parts of Brazil is scarcely populated, especially Amazon - area, but on the other hand, there are a two huge cities, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo which are the two toured destinations1.

essays on fifa world cup 2010 Essays on fifa world cup 2010
essays on fifa world cup 2010 Essays on fifa world cup 2010
essays on fifa world cup 2010 Essays on fifa world cup 2010
essays on fifa world cup 2010 Essays on fifa world cup 2010
essays on fifa world cup 2010 Essays on fifa world cup 2010
essays on fifa world cup 2010 Essays on fifa world cup 2010

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