Westing game book report

The Westing Game Summary

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by Ellen Raskin

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The Westing Game Book Report

Teach This Lesson. Which tenant was chosen by mistake? What was Sam Westing's mistake? Sam Westing turns out to be a man with many different identities. What five different names and identities does he use?


At the end of the story, how is Judge Ford able to finally repay her debt to Sam Westing? After the second bomb in Chapter 13, Angela and Theo have a conversation in which they discuss their separate future plans.

What did Theo and Angela confide to each other? What do we learn about them here? Why couldn't Angela answer Theo's question? At her bridal shower, why do you think Angela turned the gold box containing the bomb toward herself? Who did the burglar turn out to be, and why do you think he or she stole the jewelry and the clock? Did you feel sorry for any of the characters here?

How would you help that character if you could?


The Westing Game Overview

Turtle, or T. Wexler as she came to be called, always kept her secret about Sam Westing, even from her own family, including her husband Theo.

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Why do you think she kept the secret? What would you do in her shoes?

Can you imagine keeping such a secret from the people most important to you? What do the words of the song "America the Beautiful" have to do with the Westing mystery? Do the words to the song help the heirs as they try to solve the puzzle? The Westing heirs are asked two times in the story to give their signatures and titles on a receipt. Compare the original titles of the heirs in Chapter 7 to the titles they give later in Chapter How do the titles change, and what does this show about what each heir is experiencing?

A mysterious realtor arranges for a specific group of people to become tenants in an apartment building called Sunset Towers that overlooks the abandoned mansion of Samuel Westing. A diverse group of unconnected people, both families and individuals, live together in at the Sunset Towers until a young girl, Turtle, discovers the body of Sam Westing after entering the Westing mansion on a dare.

The Westing Game

After his body is discovered, the tenants learn that each of them is considered heirs to the Westing fortune and are invited to the mansion to hear the will. Sam Westing's will claims that one of them is the murderer and divides them up into pairs and gives them each clues to solve the mystery of who killed him. The winner will receive million dollars. At first, the pairs do not work well together, but eventually each of them brings out the best in each other and the Sunset Towers tenants begin to work together to create a community and solve the mystery, even in the face of adversity when a mysterious bomber begins to terrorize the apartment building.

Eventually, Turtle discovers the truth: Sam Westing is alive and is using the game to vindicate himself from the mistakes of his past by ensuring that each of the heirs can have a better life than they originally had. Turtle ends up discovering that Sam Westing has been disgusting himself as various members of the community, each with one of the four directions in his name: North, South, East, and West.

The design reminded her of purple waves and subsequently the two young fellows who had run from the Westing mansion.

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