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Besides, paper organization principles have many variations, and very often, different methods are combined. Writing an impressive high school or college academic essay depends on the logical organization of the content.


Organizing your thoughts is as important as the choice of relevant facts to prove your point of view. For example, in a description of a scene or setting, a specific logical order helps the audience visualize the scene. It is a type of logical organization pattern that is used in descriptive writing. Its main feature is that things are described as they appear when observed. Focus is on location; time is ignored. If talking about descriptions, this method means that the writer explains or describes objects as they are arranged in space.

First, the writer has to choose a specific starting point and then create an orderly logical progression by providing readers with directional signals they should follow from place to place.

Organizational Patterns

If the description is complicated, you can use a simple chart or diagram to help your readers understand it quickly. A spatial organization of information in paragraphs is also called descriptive writing. It is often used when a narrator wants to describe how something looks. A volcano is a beautiful and dangerous natural phenomenon. Logical order of location in space can be used in some narrations, classifications, comparisons, and other forms of expository writings.

According to annual weather patterns, there are 6 major climate regions. In the extreme northern latitudes, the climate is polar without any plant life. The primary purpose of spatial order in a composition is to present the details regarding a particular subject matter in terms of its location. Have a look:. On my table, there is a laptop, wireless keyboard, a mouse and a pen stand. There are also other things kept on it, including a coffee mug and a bottle of water. The aforementioned spatial order example talks about the location of the objects, and gives us a clear idea about it in the form of a constructive writing.

Spatial order example essay

To explain further, the primary purpose of framing a paper in spatial order is to describe all items in accordance with their physical order and location. Now that you are already aware of spatial order and its meaning, it is time to accumulate knowledge that can help you to form an idea regarding the essential steps to be considered while writing a paragraph in a spatial order. Here are a few suggestions to help you gain an insight. Simply take a look at the same and try to follow the steps in order to compose paragraphs in a spatial format.

At times, the writer may feel confused about the slants to be taken while forming a passage in spatial order.

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Below are the ways in which spatial organization is used in writing:. The idea is to allow your readers to connect to the composition and visualize the details you are including in the passage. This makes logical explanation by linking the relationships of the details in a self-explanatory manner. Being an integral part of the online assignment writing service for the past many years has made us confident, focused and dedicated to helping students receive nothing but the best paper writing solutions.

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Chronological Patterns

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What Is Spatial Order And How To Use It In Essay?

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Spatial order essay writing

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