Thesis on medical tourism in india

Thesis on medical tourism in india

The concept of globalization is inclined as an integration between different nations which thus results in decreasing of overall transaction cost. Relatedly, it also outcome in getting rid of barriers that are linked with the flow of products or services, human resource and capital knowledge across the borders Stiglitz, Theoretical frameworks suggested by Giddens , Appadurai and Woodward et al.

Medical tourism in India. A critical evaluation

Supporters of globalisation factor have seen to be intended on analysing its influence on the healthcare provision. It has been acknowledged that due to the globalisation aspect, developing countries have not only managed to reduce their poverty rate but also have invested great proportion of that funds for the purpose of improving heathcare services at both levels national and international.

It has been observed that with the advancement of trade liberalisation, the world is becoming flatter as innovative ideas, information techonology and people are crossing national boundaries at regular interval. Alternatively, the opponents of globalisation factor used to raise their concerns over the inadequate evidence of growth aspect.

They are also seemed to question that the economic policies formulated in the result of globalisation has either resulted in generation satisfactory outcomes in the developing countries or not? In , a patient named Howard Staab North Carolina, United States had been told by doctors that he should undergo a heart surgery as his heard needed the replacement of mital valve.

So rather than consulting financial institutions for the loan purpose, he came to New Delhi India. It has been revealed from this example that how much useful is the medical tourism factor for the patients those are without medical insurance or have bad financial position located in the developed countries.

India seems to have strong position in this sector. It has been ascertained that medical tourism has various distinguished features. Firstly, it could not be classified as an impulsive activity. Secondly, medical tourism is not about the factor of willingness to spend. Medical tourists only avail this option because of their health conditions.

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Thirdly, the field of medical tourism does not categorised as a seasonal as the duration of stay under this provision is significantly longer than the conventional travel visits. Fourthly, medical tourism is not a single-time business as there is high likelihood that successful surgeries and treatments would lead towards frequent visits of medical tourists with the help of positive word of mouth WOM.

I have selected this topic because of my interest and also I want to join this sector after graduation. Medical tourism is considered as one of the leading sector in our country India. Various institutions and hospitals has been providing medical tourism services and many new players are seeming to enter this field because of its potential. It has been believed that these initiatives taken by the Indian government would not only enhance the growth of this sector but also would assure the providence of world class healthcare services to the medical tourists.

I would like to enter this sector within the management sector and I believe that it would enable me to accomplish my career development targets. Medical tourism and healthcare tourism are determined to be as interchangeable terms. Main motive for their travel is the availability of same quality medical services in their native country but at much higher cost. On the other hand, healthcare tourism is inclined as a broader aspect where medical tourists are seem to come to developing countries with the aim of complete wellness incorporated with an urgent or elective medical procedures.

Medical Tourism in India

Core aim of this research project will be to evaluate the current market situation and the influence of external environmental factors on the Indian medical tourism sector. Additionally, it is important to discover that what type of marketing strategies should be improvised by the potential healthcare organisations for ensuring success in the long term. Relatedly, this report has following objectives:. This theory into practice report is based on the secondary research. Literature review section will contain thoughts of different authors on the certain aspects of medical tourism aspect.

Tourism development, energy consumption and Environmental Kuznets Curve: Trivariate analysis in the panel of developed and developing countries.

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A study of influencing factors that lead Medical tourists to choose Thailand Hospitals as medical tourism destination: Webster University; ; Bayati SH, M. Ismaili, T. Abhari, Sh. Situation of health tourism in Iran opportunity or threat. Journal Mil Med.

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Decisive factors in medical tourism destination choice: A case study of Isfahan, Iran and fertility treatments. Maboodi MT, Hakimi H.

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  7. The authors wrote that public spending on health care, which is equivalent to nine-tenths of a percent of the Indian gross domestic product, was among the lowest in the world and ahead of only five countries: Burundi, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sudan and Cambodia. The article was an analysis of what the authors consider to be structural problems in health care. Subsidized land and tax exemptions have been given to those setting up private medical practices and nursing homes.

    According to a World Health Organization report, India has only 4 doctors for every 10, people; in Britain, by contrast, there are In rural India, state hospitals have little money for basic medical equipment or for maintenance of buildings, which are often filthy and overcrowded. India has less than one hospital bed and one physician for every 1, people, the World Health Organization said.

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