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There was great fear surrounding the doctor and it contributed to many family members suffering needlessly. But after my aunt died, I wanted to believe something different. This incident had a huge impact on my life, because before this, I wanted to become a doctor; however, I did not fully understand what it took to become a one.

However, on the summer of June , I began to understand what qualities and commitment a doctor should have to be considered a doctor. From the beginning, Ken gives an example of an orthopedist who was diagnosed with stomach cancer. He quit his job and spent the rest of his day with his family. A doctor is a person who treats disease and saves patients; however, when they have an illness, they are also like other patients.

They meet difficult situations with their patients but also feel for them. They tend to be fair because they know. Being a doctor is in my family blood. Before my mother immigrated to the US, she was a gynecologist in China. I could tell from her vivid talking and the gleam in her eyes that there is nothing more precious than the joy of watching a new baby being brought into the world. She would always talk about how much she missed the time spent at the hospital.

Every day, she would work for more than twelve hours, but all her tiredness would be forgotten once she heard the first cry of a baby. It was as if.

Choosing a Family Doctor

The Indian Supreme Court has ruled that doctors can be sued for medical negligence in consumer courts set up under India's consumer protection act of The landmark judgment, delivered last week, caps the nine year old controversy over whether doctors providing medical services to patients on payment of fees can be held liable under this act. Responding to appeals by doctors against earlier judgments by state high courts, the Supreme Court ruled that patients aggrieved by deficiencies in medical.

Jack MaKee, a cardiothoracic surgeon coming to terms with issues related to his newly diagnosed laryngeal cancer. MaKee is presented in the film as a successful and well-respected doctor, quite adept at his surgical skills who, along with his colleagues, performs procedures on and glibly interacts with patients, referring to them as diagnoses rather than people. Though Jack lives in a …show more content….

Becoming a Doctor

Within minutes of his diagnostic procedure, Jack learns that his symptoms are due to a serious condition, necessitating immediate treatment. Jack quickly transitions from doctor to patient, becoming subject to the same type of treatment he had been giving, for years, to patients of his own.

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This scene sets the tone for the remainder of the film, as Jack struggles to deal with his own feelings, as well as those of his family, colleagues, and patients with diagnoses similar to his own. Show More. Who Is The Doctor? Read More. Does the health plan require a referral from a primary care doctor before you can see a specialist?

Family Medicine Doctor: Christine Beyke, MD

If you have changed jobs and must decide among different health plans offered by your employer, you may want to make your choice of doctor first and then choose the health plan that covers visits to this doctor. You will also need to decide what type of doctor you are looking for. Most plans require you to choose a primary care doctor a doctor who will manage your overall care and refer you to specialists when needed.

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In addition, if you have a chronic or disabling condition, you will likely need a specialist who understands your particular health needs. Most doctors in the U. Primary care doctors -- doctors you would see for routine ailments such as a cold, the flu, and regular checkups -- may be board certified in family medicine or internal medicine. Specialists -- doctors you would see for special procedures such as a colonoscopy or for a chronic disease -- have extra training in a specific field and have passed a competency exam in that field.

You can find out whether a doctor is in good standing with your state's licensing agency through a website run by administrators of several state medical licensure boards.

Common Sense Family Doctor

The site Administrators In Medicine can provide information about disciplinary actions taken or criminal charges filed against doctors in many states. Finally, you may have additional concerns when choosing a doctor.

These concerns should reflect your own needs and priorities. These questions can help you decide what is most important to you:.

Ten Lines on Doctor in English

You may have to pay a co-payment or other fee for this service, but it can be a valuable way to gather information when making your decision. Health Insurance and Medicare Reference. Continued Finally, you may have additional concerns when choosing a doctor. These questions can help you decide what is most important to you: Where is the doctor located? Will it be easy for you to get there? Can you get there on public transportation?

my family doctor essay My family doctor essay
my family doctor essay My family doctor essay
my family doctor essay My family doctor essay
my family doctor essay My family doctor essay
my family doctor essay My family doctor essay
my family doctor essay My family doctor essay
my family doctor essay My family doctor essay

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