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The economic importance of trees can never be questioned. There are renewable sources of raw materials to the industries.

Ten Lines on Save Trees in English

This very paper is a product obtained from bamboo trees. Teak, rosewood, etc.

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Trees play a pivotal role in maintaining the genetic diversity of many an eco-system. Trees help to increase the ground water level. Growing trees help in holding the soil during denudation in catchment areas.

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Bulwark against encroachment of the sea is another important use of trees. Mangrove forests which are salt tolerant eco-systems stabilize the shore lines by acting as bulwark against encroachment by the sea.

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Trees are used as instruments of prevention to check the extension of sound dunes in desert areas. This technique is used in Rajasthan. Trees are invaluable gifts that Nature has bestowed up on us. We need trees for our survival.

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It is up to us to cherish them and preserve them for generations to come. It can be said that trees are the lifeline of every living being because every living being, be it human, animals, reptiles or any other organisms; everyone is dependent on the trees. But nowadays, lots of trees are cut down and numbers of jungles are being cleaned just for the sake of fulfilling the greed of human beings.

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As a result there have been various threats which have affected the ecosystem and environment of earth. By observing all these issues and problems, a campaign to save trees is started which involves taking out processions, rallies and door to door campaign for spreading the importance of saving trees.

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We have provided ten lines on save trees in English. After reading these lines you will know that why trees are important to us, what will happen without trees, what are the functions of trees, how trees help us, what is save trees, what activities are done in save trees campaign, what people do in save trees campaign etc.

You can add these lines in your essays and paragraph writing in your exam as well as in the school competitions.

This will also be very useful while writing save tree essay, speech on save trees, few sentences on save trees or best lines on save trees for class 1, class 2, class 3, class 4 or class 5. We have provided another set of ten lines on save trees. After going through these lines you will know that what is green gold, how trees purify air, how trees help humans, what are the other benefits of trees, how cutting of trees affects earth, what steps can be taken to save trees etc.

We have provided below a third set of 10 Lines on Save Trees for your knowledge. These points have been written in simple language for easy memorization.

Save Trees Essay

You can use these special lines during your school function, where you are asked to speak few lines on save trees. Below, we have provided a 4 th set on Save Trees, for your information and knowledge. You can easily memorize these points and recite it in front of the audience, if the situation arises, and earn the applause from teachers and classmates.

Essay on Tree in English - Essay on importance of tree in English

With the increasing population, deforestation has increased since last decade leading to various ecological threats.

small essays about trees Small essays about trees
small essays about trees Small essays about trees
small essays about trees Small essays about trees
small essays about trees Small essays about trees
small essays about trees Small essays about trees
small essays about trees Small essays about trees
small essays about trees Small essays about trees

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