How do i solve this math problem

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Do basic arithmetic. Work with fractions, percentages and similar fundamentals.

Solve place value and word problems. Find roots of and expand, factor or simplify mathematical expressions—everything from polynomials to fields and groups. Compute integrals, derivatives and limits as well as analyze sums, products and series. Solve an ordinary differential equation:.

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Compute the properties of geometric objects of various kinds in 2, 3 or higher dimensions. Explore and apply ideas from many subfields of geometry. Compute properties of a geometric figure:. Plot a conic section and identify its type:. Solve differential equations of any order. Examine solutions and plots of the solution families.

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Specify initial conditions to find exact solutions. Solve a linear ordinary differential equation:. Visualize functions, equations and inequalities. Do so in 1, 2 or 3 dimensions. Make polar and parametric plots. Plot a region satisfying multiple inequalities:.

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Work with various kinds of numbers. Check for membership in larger sets, such as the rationals or the transcendental numbers. Convert between bases. Compute a decimal approximation to a specified number of digits:. Convert a decimal number to another base:. Perform trigonometric calculations and explore properties of trigonometric functions and identities. Compute values of trigonometric functions:.

Determine whether a set of vectors is linearly independent:. Analyze integers; subsets of the integers, including the prime numbers; and related ideas.

This Simple Math Problem Drove Our Entire Staff Insane. Can You Solve It?

Explore sequences and recurrences, solve common problems in combinatorics and compute properties of graphs and lattices. Compute a possible formula and continuation for a sequence:. Schoolgirl with glasses solving math problem on blackboard. Little girl solved a problem in maths.

Happy child after successful learning process. Baby got an idea. Kid looks upwards and smiles. A pencil in small hand is rised.

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Solving mathematical problems in a notebook. Phone with calculator app on wooden desk. School boy writing with chalk on a blackboard.

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Highly intelligent little boy in the classroom standing on a stepladder to reach a complex mathematical problem on the blackboard that he is busy solving. Rear view of a thoughtful woman who tries to solve math problems. Math calculations on black chalk board.

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  • Young amazed woman on blue gray background with math graphs. Businessman trying to solve problems. Little genius boy help his brother with homework, problem solving, education. Schoolgirl with glasses writing on blackboard. Female student solving an Algebra equation on a whiteboard. Stressed crying woman can't solve math problem on her mind isolated on grey wall background. Human face expressions, emotions, feelings. Opposite adjectives difficult and easy illustration.

    Scientist solves equation on blackboard, back. Smart young male white Caucasian student solves a complex algebra math problem, right in his head. Rear view of young boy solving addition and subtraction on white board at school. Schoolboy thinking while solving math's sum.

    Child writing the solution of the mathematical operation in classroom. Children solving math problems illustration. Man's hands accounting with old abacus and hold electronic calculator. Two boys in classroom thinking, writing and counting on board. Teacher at school in the classroom ready for work. Cute schoolgirl with glasses posing solving math problem on blackboard. Photomath Plus provides solutions to full textbooks and problem sets with word problems!

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    how do i solve this math problem How do i solve this math problem
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