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If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Quartz leverages features available in commodity hardware to emulate different latency and bandwidth characteristics of future byte-addressable NVM technologies. Quartz's design, implementation details, evaluation, and overhead can be found in the following research paper:. While the emulator is designed to cover three processor families: Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge , and Haswell -- we have had the best results on the Ivy Bridge platform.

Reports and Supporting Materials

Haswell processor has a TurboBoost feature that cause higher variance and deviations when emulating higher range latencies above ns. For bandwidth emulation support, Intel Thermal Memory Controller device is required. No specific Linux distribution or kernel version is required. After installing the dependencies, go to the emulator's source code root folder and execute the following steps:. See more details about statistics on the respective section below. The emulator library, benchmark and test binaries resulted from the build process will be available in the respective subfolder inside the 'build' folder.

Set your processor to run at maximum frequency to ensure fixed cycle rate as the cycle counter is used to project delay time. You can use the scaling governor:. Thus, there is no need to statically link the library to the user application. See below details about the configuration file in the respective section. See below. An additional configuration step may be required depending on the Linux Kernel version.

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This emulator makes use of rdpmc x86 instruction to read CPU counters. Before kernel 4. Starting with Linux 4. The runenv.

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  • We do not modify the current shell environment to avoid getting other applications interposed by the emulator unexpectedly. Alternatively, you may directly link the library to your application but the nvmemul library must come first in the linking order to ensure we properly interpose on necessary functions.

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    The default path is. Any DRAM memory access on this socket will produce delays injection to emulate the target latency. This is the API available for user applications:. The emulator collects statistical data to help on emulation accuracy validation. If enabled, by default the emulator will show the statistics report when the user application terminates to the standard output. Some applications suppress output to stdout, you can still see the reports by defining a target file for the report in the configuration file. When using a file as output, the emulator appends the result to the file and then previous reports are not overwritten.

    The statistics source code can also be statically removed at compile time. See Building section. Up to the time of this writing, there was no way to make PAPI CPU counter reading to perform at the performance level required by the emulation. In the future, if it is desired to switch to PAPI, follow these steps:. The emulator needs to bind user threads to specific CPU cores in order to optimize emulation results. The emulator will manage each emulated processes to partition the available CPUs in a coordinated way.

    If some process crashes the emulator might not have cleaned up the environment and the process rank ids will not be correctly managed. Just before beginning classes at Harvard Business School in , she cold-emailed Jobs to ask him for a deal on a laptop. Jobs gave her a deal on a first edition MacBook Air. Despite her lack of access to prominent CEOs in the tech and beauty industries, sending cold emails became Beauchamp's go-to strategy. For Birchbox, the well-crafted cold emails had a snowball effect: Emails "turned into a meeting.

    And the meeting turned into a pitch," she said. Beauchamp remains a vocal advocate for cold-emailing people as method to connect with those who could potentially grow your business or career. Getting over your fear of failure, he added, can lead to success. Like this story?

    It was a wrenching transition, all the more challenging because it had to be accomplished rapidly to catch the fast-shifting changes in the home market. Relationships were strained within Hewlett-Packard management, as well as with key suppliers and vendors. But within nine months, H. And the transformation remains a work in progress as Hewlett-Packard broadens its inkjet product line to include copiers, fax machines and, soon, digital photography. Few companies have the technical, financial or cultural resources of a Hewlett-Packard, whose fabled founding in a garage in Palo Alto, Calif.

    But many have discovered that they must learn how to compete in new markets. And most can learn from the willingness of Hewlett-Packard's senior management to implement tough changes before problems arise. In some ways, their task was eased by the fact that the inkjet printer was already perhaps the closest thing in the computer industry to a true consumer device, and something of a prototype for a digital appliance.

    It concealed a wealth of sophisticated technology in a product of toaster-like simplicity. And it was a classic razor-and-blades business: printers sold at relatively low margins, but each printer owner typically bought three or four ink cartridges every year. And just as with Gillette's Sensor Excel, the high technology, and the high profit margins, were in the consumables.

    Hewlett-Packard and Canon invented inkjet technology simultaneously, independent of each other, in , but H.

    Behind the Machine

    Inkjets work by heating a special liquid ink and spraying it through hundreds of tiny nozzles in different patterns to form characters or images on a page. The printer head, which is included in the replaceable cartridge, is a silicon chip, and like all such devices benefits from the economies of scale.

    Making one is expensive, making millions is cheap. Laser printers, first developed by Canon, use an entirely different and inherently more costly technology derived from photocopiers. But while H. For 10 years, Hewlett-Packard had designed and built printers the same way it made its name in test and measurement equipment for engineers: manufacture the best possible product, charge what you need to and deliver it when you can. Corporate customers would pay more for the additional features, higher performance and greater reliability H.


    HP Computer Museum

    Buyers looked first at features, second at cost and last at availability. The consumer market turned those priorities upside down. Availability became priority No. Price had to be equal to the competition, and features comparable. No one was going to pay a premium for the H. This set of new priorities presented a challenge to Hewlett-Packard's management and culture. Winning the battle on "features was easy,'' Mr. What we didn't realize, because we were sailing to the wrong port, was that availability was all.

    Being on allocation was the worst thing we could have done; it was an invitation to competitors. Big boats usually change tacks slowly, but H.

    Hewlett packard research papers
    Hewlett packard research papers
    Hewlett packard research papers
    Hewlett packard research papers
    Hewlett packard research papers
    Hewlett packard research papers
    Hewlett packard research papers
    Hewlett packard research papers
    Hewlett packard research papers

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