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She describes rigorous skincare routines of creams and home remedies such as rubbing raw lemons into the skin and wearing turmeric masks, as well as keeping out of the sun. I recall never wanting to wear white or light colours for fear it would make me appear darker among my peers. A landmark US study in found that light-skinned black women receive shorter prison sentences than dark-skinned black women.

Skin Cancer: Introduction

In , another study found that white interviewers regarded light-skinned black and Hispanic job applicants as more intelligent than darker-skinned interviewees with the same qualifications. Studies have consistently shown that in the competitive market for jobs and marriage, lighter skin has advantages. And now, in the digital age, accessing the products and know-how to gain that advantage has never been easier. But there were nonetheless some striking findings. The first was the age at which respondents took up skin-lightening — 16 to 24 — and the second was the role the internet played.

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That image is almost invariably the archetypal before and after pic — the sad, dark-skinned person against the smiling, light-skinned person — touted both by big brands and by individuals posting about their skin-lightening journey. And these forums form a vital part of a skin-lightening subculture — an anonymised community for committed skin-lighteners.

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  4. To the most evangelical, lightening is a way of life, one that involves eating a set diet, avoiding the sun and keeping to a meticulous daily skin-care regime, not to mention taking pills and injections. The forums are a hub for users to showcase their progression, troubleshoot and encourage each other, while having a safe space to discuss lightening culture. They have their own lingua franca — skin tone is described by code eg NC10 pulled from the Mac makeup palette, for instance — and users regularly set others challenges to get to a tone by a set date.

    One forum, SkinCareTalk, hosts almost , posts discussing skin-lightening.

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    Some make for troubling reading. I feel so lost. On YouTube, skin-lightening videos regularly accrue several million views, with the most popular being those from vloggers who focus on the use of products with natural or natural-sounding ingredients, either made at home or created by pharmaceutical companies.

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    So, I only share natural remedies that are safer. Garner is sceptical about whether the products purporting to be natural should be viewed differently, suggesting it is merely a matter of sales language. He began his YouTube channel to share his findings, warts and all, reviewing these items. He has become a kind of an internet posterboy for the practice, regularly arguing his position everywhere from Fox to the Daily Mail.

    I just want to return my skin to the colour and texture of the skin usually covered by clothing which is less exposed to the sun.

    Skin cancer - Research Paper Example

    This is why I started my channel in the first place, to break the taboos and show people that there are natural, safe ways to take care of your skin, not just in lightening but in general. I wanted to help people stop using dangerous methods to achieve their skincare goals. If you wanted to counter these ideas using the internet, it would be daunting. As is the general case, metastasized cancers are harder to successfully treat than are localized cancers.

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    Melanoma skin cancer is quite treatable provided it is caught early on before significant metastasis has taken place. As the non-creative name suggests, non-melanoma skin cancer is a sort of "blanket" term used to group together the types of skin cancer that aren't melanoma. There are two primary forms of non-melanoma skin cancer, and a handful of other rare non-melanoma types which will not be covered here.

    Basal cell Carcinomas begin in the basal cell layer of the epidermis the most interior part of the outer skin layer. Basal cell skin cancers are common, and typically appear on the head, neck, arms, and other body parts frequently exposed to the sun. Basal cell carcinomas tend to progress very slowly and usually do not spread to other parts of the body.

    Squamous Cell Carcinomas originate in the outer layers of the epidermis.

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    Like basal cell carcinoma they most commonly appear on areas of the body most exposed to the sun, although they can appear on the genitals as well. Squamous cell carcinomas rapidly progress to involve deeper dermal layers of the skin tissue but like basal cell carcinoma are unlikely to spread to other parts of the body. Wait, did you know that Click to Call Who Answers?

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